Property Sale, Purchase & Lease

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Buying, selling or letting property in Pakistan is rarely free of problems. Every real estate deal in Pakistan is different, and you will need to get advice from a competent lawyer on how best to protect your interests throughout the transaction process. Especially if you are a buyer, you need to be extra careful about a number of issues, for example what property is included in the sale? Are there any liens or charges attached with the title of property? Real estate taxes – what are the current property taxes, and what impact will your purchase have on the taxes? Is the title of the property defect free? As a purchaser of property, you want to check that every time in the past, when the property was transferred, the previous purchasers obtained clear title to the property. If someone in the past got less than “the whole bundle of sticks” you will not get clear title. Our experienced lawyers having vast experience in property transactions can answer your specific questions relating to property transactions in Pakistan. Please click here to view useful information about real estate transactions and laws in Pakistan.

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