Property Management

Our team of experienced real estate specialists, supported and backed-up by our legal team, provides reliable and dependable property management services in major cities of Pakistan. We manage all kinds of residential and commercial properties, and specialize in providing this service to overseas Pakistanis having properties in major cities of Pakistan.

Our core services in this area are:

  1. Use of different means to find suitable tenants for the property, including newspaper ads, online ads and liaison with local real estate agents etc. and attracting interest from prospective tenants.
  2. Interview and evaluation of shortlisted tenants.
  3. Carrying out background and reference checks about the tenants, as well as previous rental history. Also verification of computerized national identity card of the tenants.
  4. Preparation, signing, and registration of lease agreements (with support from our legal team).
  5. Receive monthly or quarterly rents, and depositing them in property owner’s designated bank account.
  6. Receive service requests for repairs or maintenance of the property, and communicating the same to the owners of the property.
  7. Conducting routine property inspections (both interior and exterior) to identify any unauthorized structural change in the property, or any other violation of the lease agreement. Getting digital pictures of the property and sending them to the owner of the property.
  8. Payment of all kinds of recurring bills in respect of the property, including electricity, gas, water, telephones etc, as well as government property taxes.
  9. Conducting routine maintenance of the property.
  10. Issuing eviction notices to tenants, and filing court petitions for eviction of the tenants.
  11. Attending court hearings for eviction of the tenants.
  12. Providing all necessary legal and commercial advice to owners of the property.
  13. Any other service on mutually negotiated terms.


Plot Monitoring:

Our Plot Monitoring service has proved to be highly useful and popular amongh overseas Pakistanis who remain absent from Pakistan for extended periods of time, and have unconstructed plots in Pakistan. Unfortunately in Pakistan, land grabbing and forceful possession of plots has become a menace, and overseas Pakistanis are the prime target of this crime. In Pakistan it is not worth owning properties without constantly monitoring them.

We provide you a transparent, reliable and vigilant mechanism to safeguard your plots from land grabbers and ‘qabza mafia’, by either providing the service to you or assisting your representative in Pakistan.

Our Plot Monitoring service portfolio includes:

  1. Regular (scheduled or random) monitoring of plots to ensure that the plot is free from any kind of encroachment or adverse possession. We will immediately intimate and alert the owner of the plot about any suspicious activity at or around the plot.
  2. Regular reporting to the owner about status of the plot, including sending digital pictures of the plot to the owner.
  3. Based on client’s requirement, schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly visits of the plot can be planned.
  4. A notice board or wall marking can be optionally displayed at the plot to warn any trespassers.
  5. Any other customized service on mutually negotiated and agreed terms.

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