Litigation Updates

If you have a legal matter or dispute being adjudicated in any court or tribunal in Pakistan, it is important that you receive a complete and up-to-date case progress brief after each date of hearing. This is a common area of complaint by a large number of expatriate Pakistanis and overseas businesses. In many cases, progress briefs are not timely and completely delivered to the clients outside Pakistan.

Through ‘Litigation Updates’ service we provide complete and up-do-date case progress briefs to our clients. In most cases such briefs are sent to the clients on the same day a case is heard in the court, and contain relevant and useful information such as:

  1. Who attended the court hearing
  2. Nature of proceedings that took place in the court
  3. Any orders passed by the court
  4. Any documents submitted by a party

This service has proved to be of immense help to many of our overseas clients. At the moment the service is available only in major cities of Pakistan, but soon we will cover small cities as well. If you have a case or legal matter being pursued in a court or tribunal in Pakistan, you can benefit form this service and watch your interests from wherever you are.

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