Background Checks

For our clients based out of Pakistan ‘information is power’ when it comes to doing business in Pakistan, hiring someone from Pakistan, entering into business partnership with someone in Pakistan, or just establishing a personal relationship with someone in Pakistan etc. At Pkjurist, our service portfolio also includes investigative and research services for our overseas clients including expat Pakistanis, overseas lawyers, commercial companies and other businesses having stakes in Pakistan. Our overseas clients can hugely benefit from these services while making critical decisions like employing someone from Pakistan, entering into a business deal with someone in Pakistan, extending loan to someone in Pakistan, checking genuineness of someone requesting charity in Pakistan, investing with someone in Pakistan, or marrying/engaging someone in Pakistan etc.

We strive hard to provide accurate and correct information to our clients through detailed office based techniques, field visits by our trained staff, and feedback provided by local sources available to us with regard to private, civil and commercial investigation matters. Our trained field staff are our eyes and ears on the ground, and they help us gather critical information having high value for our clients.


We provide bespoke person and property tracing services including but not limited to locating missing friends, relatives, debtors, witnesses, business partners and colleagues, beneficiary tracing, and asset tracking.

Background Checks:

Our experienced and professional team performs tasks like background checks with full confidence and secrecy. We can provide range of services like business due diligence, personal background checks, checking business credentials, checking credit history, pre-employment screening, verifying qualifications, home addresses, work places, marital status, previous employment checks, staff investigations, checking personal identification documents such as computerized national identity card, criminal records, tenant checks on behalf of landlords, and other similar services.


We also provide critical information required by foreign businesses to take well-informed decisions, such as identifying intellectual property theft, identifying product counterfeiting, insurance investigations, competitor analysis and intelligence, staff verifications, identifying staff fraud, identifying use of company vehicle as private use, identifying theft of products by staff, checking employee sickness claims, compensation claims, personal injury claims, discrimination claims, general checks on managers and staff, pre-employment checks and CV verification, general background checks of future employees etc.

Limited Liability Company Search Reports:

Registered Office and Company Profile, Registration number, name, telephone number, office address, previous name and office, company secretary, auditors, company lawyers, copies of company forms in official records, issued capital, date of incorporation, date of latest accounts, date of latest returns, indicator of changes in Memorandum and Articles of Association, indicator of changes in directors, mortgages and charges recorded in official company records, any winding up petitions.

In addition, we also provide limited types of information regarding registered partnerships.

Charities and NGOs:

Overseas donors who send aids and grants to charities in Pakistan often require credible and confidential local informaton in order to prevent misuse of aid money. Our professional team can conduct office based and field survey to point out any charity frauds, checking credibility of local charity organizations and NGOs, identifying any leakages in aids and grants, and identifying corruption in local charity organizations and NGOs.

Property Survey and Valuation:

A member of our field staff will attend the property and complete a report which includes its description, condition, type of area, and approximate value. The value of a property is established by finding out what similar houses recently sold for in the area.

Obtaining Signatures and Recording Statements:

We can attend upon individuals for the purpose of obtaining their signature on different kinds of documents including deeds, agreements, statements and other documents, witnessing their signature when appropriate and checking their identification documents for example computerized national identity card, passport, driving license, employee card etc.

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