Affidavits & Power of Attorney

Posted on April 5, 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Affidavit is a statement on oath duly witnessed by an Oath Commissioner. Power of Attorney is a legal document through which you can delegate certain legal powers, for example right to sell or lease a property, to some other person. Many expatriate Pakistanis need to send a Power of Attorney to someone in Pakistan when it comes to real estate dealings, or buying/selling of other assets. We can provide complete assistance in drafting these documents and explaining the process of getting them attested from appropriate authorities in your country of residence. Sometimes minor mistakes in these documents render them unacceptable by Pakistani authorities, thereby wasting a lot of your precious time. It is therefore wise to hire the services of a competent lawyer to assist in preparing these documents and avoid unnecessary delays.

If you would like to seek further legal advice or assistance relating to preparation of affidavits and power attorney within or outside Pakistan, we will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to write us on, or fill out the details on Contact Us page of this website.